Who has Invested in Wind Energy?

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  • 24 March, 2013
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Oklahoma is working toward a greener future with its investments into renewable energies like wind energy.

Whether this energy source will turn into Oklahoma’s next big energy industry is still left to be seen, but the time to start exploring that future is getting closer with surrounding states continually expanding the megawatts produced by local wind turbines.

Oklahoma’s two largest universities have committed to this future.

According to the University of Oklahoma website, the university has committed to purchase all of its energy from renewable resources. The university invested in its own wind farm to make this goal come true. The farm is estimated to produce more than 101 megawatts when it is complete.

According to the Oklahoma State University website, the university has invested in a similar project in Blackwell, Okla. This wind farm will produce 60 megawatts for the college’s use.

According to newsok.com, two bills to increase Oklahoma’s wind ebergy goals failed to make it to a committee hearing this year.

How do you feel about wind energy in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma has made a commitment to wind energy through goals v.s. mandates, as some other states have done.

Does this mean a limited commitment to renewable energy, or does this allow the state the flexability to invest in the cheapest energy for its citizens at any given time?

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